1 Mr. S. Merlin Johns PRINCIPAL 2016 M.SC B.ED CHEMISTRY
2 Kirandeep Kaur Sidhu TGT 2005 M.A. B.ED PUNAJBI
3 Bikramjit Singh PGT 2016 M.A. B.P.ED PHY.EDU
4 Harmanjeetpal Singh TGT 2017 M.A. M.ED SST
5 Mrs. Jaswinder Kaur PGT 2012 M.A. B.ED ENG
6 Mrs.anita TGT 2008 M.A,B.LIB B.ED PUNJABI
7 Mr.m.p Singh PGT 2014 B.SC B.ED MATH
8 Mrs.rajwant Kaur TGT 2014 PGDCA M.SC IT COMPUTER
9 Mrs.bindu Soul PRT 2005 B.SC B.ED MATH
10 Mrs. Nidhi TGT 2013 B.SC B.ED MATH
11 Ms.rinku Bangar TGT 2009 MA B.ED HINDI
12 Mrs. Teena Arora PRT 2012 B.A B.ED HINDI
13 Vijaya Kumari TGT 2016 M.COM B.ED,HDC EVS
14 Sheela K.d. TGT 2016 M.A B.ED SST
15 Rajbir Kaur PRT 2015 MSC IT B.ED PUNJABI
16 Mrs.sonia Sharma PRT 2012 M.A B.ED ENG,EVS
17 Mrs.rupinder Kaur PRT 2008 M.A NTT ENG,EVS
18 Birpal Kaur TGT 2016 M.A B.ED SST
19 Mrs.shukla Kumari PRT 2007 M.A NTT HINDI
20 Mrs.baljinder Kaur PRT 2011 B.SC IT NTT ALL
21 Amrit Kaur TGT 2013 M.A B.ED PUNJABI
22 Mrs.davinder Kaur TGT 2014 M.A B.ED ENG
23 Geetika PRT 2016 B.A B.ED HINDI
24 Mrs.ramandeep Kaur TGT 2013 MCA B.ED COMPUTER
25 Ranjana Kaushal TGT 2016 M.A B.ED HINDI
26 Saloni Mehta PGT 2016 MSC M.SC BIOLOGY
27 Sweety PRT 2018 M.A B.ED ENG
28 Rimpy PGT 2018 M.COM B.ED BUS.STD
29 Gagandeep Kaur PGT 2018 M.SC B.ED PHYSICS
30 Komal PRT 2018 M.A B.ED,ETT ALL
31 Yanuradha PRT 2013 B.LIB B.LIB
32 Gurmeet Singh PRT 2017 MUSIC
33 Anjali Begra PRT 2014 XII DANCE
34 Achla Sharma TGT 2019 B.SC B.ED MATHS
35 Neetu TGT 2019 M.PHILL B.ED PBI
36 Priya PRT 2019 M.SC B.SC SCIENCE
37 Sulekha Rani TGT 2019 M.SC B.ED SCIENCE
38 Laly Puneet Singh PET 2019 B.P.ED M.PED PHY EDU
39 Gagandeep Singh PGT 2019 M.A M.ED SST
40 Mohanpreet Kaur TGT 2019 M.SC B.ED SCIENCE
41 Usha Sharma TGT 2019 M.A B.ED HINDI
42 Harminder Kaur TGT 2019 M.A B.ED HINDI
43 Rupinder Kaur PGT 2019 M.SC M.ED CHEMISTRY
44 Poonam Sharma TGT 2019 M.SC B.ED MATHS
45 Manpreet Kaur TGT 2019 M.SC B.ED MATHS
46 Satwinder Kaur PRT 2019 B.A B.ED MATHS
47 Ravinder Singh PGT 2020 M.COM B.ED ACCOUNTANCY
48 Mr.ravinder Singh TGT 2014 M.A. B.ED DRWAING
49 Nishu Dhiman PRT 2020 M.A B.ED HINDI
50 Monika Sharma PET 2020 B.A. B.P.ED PHY EDU
51 Deepika TGT 2021 M.Sc B.Ed ENGLISH
52 Navdeep Kaur TGT 2021 M.Sc B.Ed CHEMISTRY
53 Simarjit Kaur TGT 2021 B.A B.Ed PUNJABI
54 Pooja Verma LIB 2021 B.A M.LIB LIBRARIAN

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